Spotlight on New Technology® Award Program

Each year, OTC celebrates those who aspire to disrupt business innovation with a brilliant idea. The OTC Spotlight on New Technology® awards program highlights the latest and most advanced innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the offshore sector. Thank you to all who submitted applications. Applications are now closed. 

Read more about the 2019 winners.


To be considered, the technology must meet five key criteria.

  1. New. The technology must have been offered to the marketplace in a ready-for-commercialization state less than two years prior to the application date.
  2. Innovative. The technology must be original, groundbreaking, and capable of having a major impact on the offshore E&P industry.
  3. Proven. The technology must be proven, through either full-scale application or successful prototype.
  4. Broad Interest. The technology must interest and appeal to the industry.
  5. Significant Impact. The technology must provide significant benefits exceeding existing technologies.


  • Acknowledgment in an OTC news release;
  • Advanced recognition on the OTC website and social media platforms;
  • Acknowledgment at an onsite awards ceremony with media invited; 
  • Recognition in a special four-color, multi-page section of the OTC onsite program;
  • Designation on the exhibit floor with a customized Spotlight banner;
  • Use of the OTC Spotlight on New Technology® logo until the end of the calendar year (2020)


Small Business Winner GraphicOTC Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award recipients will receive the same benefits as listed above, with the added recognition as a "Small Business Award" recipient. The Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award® recognizes the innovative technologies being developed by small businesses (less than 300 employees). To be considered, your company must:

  • Be independently owned and operated or a not-for-profit concern.
  • Have no more than 300 employees for the preceding 12 months.
  • Meet all other Spotlight on New Technology award program requirements. 

2019 Spotlight on New Technology Winners

  • AFGlobal, producer of Active Control Device (ACD)
  • AFGlobal, producer of DuraStim® Pump
  • Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), producer of NovaLT™16
  • Dril-Quip Inc., producer of Double Expansion XPak™ Liner Hanger
  • FutureOn®, producer of FieldAP™ – a FieldTwin™ Platform Application
  • NOV, producer of Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL)
  • Oceaneering International, Inc., producer of Subsea Pumping Technology
  • Saipem, producer of Offset Installation Equipment (OIE)
  • Schlumberger, producer of Concert well testing live performance
  • OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company producer of Vx Omni Subsea Multiphase Flowmeter
  • SIEMENS, producer of BlueVault™ Energy Storage
  • SIEMENS, producer of Subsea Power Grid
  • Stress Engineering Services, Inc., producer of Condition Based Maintenance of Drilling Riser Systems
  • TechnipFMC, producer of Subsea 2.0™ In-Line Compact Robotic Manifold
  • Green Pin®, producer of Green Pin Tycan® 
  • Weatherford, producer of TR1P™ Single-Trip Completion System
  • XSENS AS, producer of XACT™ Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter 

2019 Spotlight Small Business Winners

  • HYTORC, producer of LITHIUM SERIES® II 
  • Van Beest B.V., producer of Green Pin Tycan® 
  • XSENS AS, producer of XACT™ Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter
Spotlight on New Technology

AFGlobal, Producer of Active Control Device (ACD)

AF Global LogoAFGlobal’s Active Control Device provides the prerequisite seal and diversion of annular wellbore returns using a novel, non-rotating device enabled by an actively pressurized, co-molded element. This purpose-built device eliminates the bearings and rotating components that are a regular source of maintenance and failure in conventional RCDs.

AFGlobal ACD Illustration


AFGlobal, Producer of DuraStim® Pump

AFGlobal logoAFGlobal’s revolutionary DuraStim® 6,000 HP hydraulic fracturing pump is the industry’s first variable displacement frac pump. Built for the extreme demands of long duration, high pressure fracturing, the DuraStim pump dramatically lowers the cost of ownership, improves operational performance and creates many new safety and environmental advantages AFGlobal Durastim Photo


Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), Producer of NovaLT™16



The NovaLT™16 is a state of the art double-shaft gas turbine designed for mechanical drive and power generation applications in the small power (5-20 MW) range segment. Utilized in both on and off-shore applications, the NovaLT16 sets a new standard in the industry for performance through maximized availability, high fuel efficiency, low maintenance and reduced emissions.

nova lt


Dril-Quip Inc., Producer of Double Expansion XPak™ Liner Hanger

drilquip logoThe industry first Double Expansion XPak™ Liner System eliminates the need for fixed landing profiles and risk associated with sub-mudline hangers, increases operational flexibility and provides significant cost savings. The system deploys through wellhead restrictions to provide a metal-to-metal seal within seamed thin-wall casing and offers high hanging, lockdown and pressure capacities.



FutureOn®, Producer of FieldAP™ – A FieldTWIN™ Platform Application

futureon logoFieldAP™ is the Industry 4.0 cloud-based application enabling digital subsea field planning, subsea data and asset visualization, and installation planning for subsea projects. A FieldTwin platform application, FieldAP enhances collaboration among teams globally while reducing risk. Through digitalization, FieldAP is improving project margins and maximizing investment returns on existing talent. fieldap



hytorcThe LITHIUM SERIES® II Electric Torque Tool is the next revolution in bolting technology redesigned from the ground up with improved durability, usability and functionality. This lightweight 36-volt battery powered tool with capacity up to 5000 ft-lbs is the ultimate solution for strength and portability in industrial bolting jobs worldwide.  hytorc lithium series

Small Business Award Winner

NOV, Producer of Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL)

NOV logoThe NOV Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) allows pig launching from subsea to topside and promises a flexible and robust technology that enables a wide range of pigging operations. The system eliminates the need for a second flowline solely for pigging and wax handling. Pig any time and on demand. nov sapl


Oceaneering International, Inc., Producer of Subsea Pumping Technology

oceaneering logoSubsea Pumping Technology (SPT) allows operators to reduce or eliminate their topside footprint by moving chemical storage and injection systems subsea, reducing the cost and complexity of conventional umbilicals. SPT offers value-added contributions to tieback architectures and applications where chemicals are required for operational integrity management or flow assurance purposes.  oceaneering

Saipem, Producer of Offset Installation Equipment (OIE)

saipem logoThe Offset Installation Equipment (OIE) is a remotely operated subsea system designed to allow the positioning of a capping stack onto an erupting subsea well laying in water depths from 75 m to 600 m at the safe step out distance of 500 m from the support naval spread.  saipem oie


Schlumberger, Producer of Concert Well Testing Live Performance

schlumberger logoThe Schlumberger Concert well testing live performance brings digital automation and communication to well testing by giving everyone the same real-time information and interactive capabilities. This seamless access and sharing of data, diagnostics, and analysis improves efficiency, data quality, and safety to mitigate uncertainty and achieve actionable test results. schlumberger


OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company, Producer of Vx Omni Subsea Multiphase Flowmeter

schlumberger logoThe Schlumberger OneSubsea Vx Omni subsea multiphase flowmeter is a compact, highly accurate and reliable flowmeter available in all applications, pressures, and environments for all fluid phases. It provides crucial data to understand how each individual production well is performing, enabling operators to enhance reservoir recovery and facilitate safer operation.

one subsea


Siemens, Producer of  BlueVault™ Energy Storage

siemens logoBlueVault™ is Siemens’ lithium-ion battery-based energy storage solution that is suited for both all-electric and hybrid (i.e., diesel-electric) power applications. The solution is specifically designed to help ensure continuity of power and minimize emissions on vessels and offshore drilling rigs.  siemens blue vault


Siemens, Producer of Subsea Power Grid


siemens logoSiemens’ Subsea Power Grid transforms field developments by extending tiebacks and allowing flexible subsea processing. It has subsea transformers, switchgear, variable speed drives, wet mate connectors, and a remote control and monitoring system and is ready to power your large-scale subsea processing projects. siemens energy storage


Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Producer of Condition Based Maintenance of Drilling Riser Systems

Stress Engineering ServicesSES’s CBM technology provides innovative automation, digitalization, and data analysis techniques, empowering drilling contractors to make real-time data-driven decisions concerning drilling riser asset integrity. These insights focus on safety, identifying measurable risks, managing economics for the drilling contractor with actionable data providing a health assessment of the asset. stress cbm app image


TechnipFMC, Producer of Subsea 2.0™ In-line Compact Robotic Manifold

technipfmc logoTechnipFMC’s Subsea 2.0™ In-line Compact Robotic Manifold has transformed the traditional manifold design to improve subsea field economics. The compact manifold design reduces size, weight and manufacturing cost. It incorporates a robotic arm for valve actuation, can be installed using the same vessel laying the flowline and increases the flexibility over the life of the field. technipfmc inline compact manifold


Van Beest B.V., Producer of 

Green Pin Tycan®

greenpinGreen Pin Tycan® is a high-performance fiber lifting chain that has the performance and flexibility of steel chain but is a fraction of the weight. It’s extremely safe and easy to use, non-corrosive and completely waterproof. By using Green Pin Tycan® companies achieve greater efficiency and a safer working environment.

van beest

Small Business Award Winner

Weatherford, Producer of TR1P™ Single-Trip Completion System

weatherford logoThe Weatherford TR1P™ single-trip completion system reduces deepwater completion installation time by up to 60%. By combining the upper and lower completions in one trip, the system reduces personnel risk and increases efficiency. Using RFID technology, the field-proven TR1P system delivers 100% interventionless operation in both producer and injector wells. tr1p


XSENS AS, Producer of XACT™ Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter,

xsens logoXSENS AS’s game-changing XACT™ Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter, provides flow rate and fraction measurement at accuracies that were until now only obtainable by in-line technologies.  Installation of an XACT clamp-on flowmeter does not compromise pipeline integrity.  XACT’s size and weight are just a fraction of conventional flow meter systems and is ideal for retrofit applications.  xact

Small Business Award Winner



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